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Wellness Movement

Dr. Ladd McNamara Quotes Dr. Wentz, "We Are Living Too Short and Dying Too Long"

Ladd R. McNamara, M.D.

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One of the world’s preeminent scientists, Dr. Myron Wentz said, “We are living too short and dying too long.”  Dr. Ladd McNamara considers himself one of the fortunate ones ...he was able to retire early from his medical practice because he could.   Dr. McNamara enjoyed the practice of medicine, the patients, the skills, the professionalism, everything the medical field was supposed to stand for, ...but not what the "business" of medicine had become.  Dr. Ladd McNamara didn't like what he saw, the "selling out" of medicine to the pharmaceutical companies.   He practiced for over ten years as a board certified medical doctor treating disease with drugs and performing surgeries because it was how he was educated and trained at two of the best medical institutions in this country.  And, it is true, because of modern medicine, that is surgical techniques and many life-saving medications people have been saved are living longer.   Dr. Ladd McNamara applauds the efforts of the many great men and women who have bettered our lives through their scientific breakthroughs.  However, Dr. McNamara also believes that the eyes of the pharmaceutical companies have become wide with dollar signs, and way too often the drive for profit has come at the cost of the patient's best interest. 

Dr. Ladd McNamara: Most of Our Money is Spent in the Last Year of Life

Dr. Ladd McNamara reminds people that nearly 98% of the national health care costs are spent in the last year of people’s lives trying to keep terminally ill people “alive.”  Are we are keeping people "alive" with quality and dignity, or just extending their deaths?  Chronic degenerative diseases are causing premature deaths, and many of these are completely avoidable states.   Dr. McNamara, having experienced a breaking down of our health care system, rising insurance and medical costs, and now having moved into the wellness arena of assisting others to enjoy the incredible benefits of quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with proper dietary changes and exercise, to promote overall health and longevity, can say with a certainty which of the two makes the most sense both from an economic stand point and for maintaining true health.  Dr. Ladd McNamara shifted his efforts on the health and wellness movement and aligned myself with a credible company, USANA Health Sciences, Inc., that has what Dr. McNamara believes are the best products to promote overall health.*  The medical research indicates that with the modification of lifestyle; that is, diet, exercise, reduction of stress, and nutritional supplementation, we may be able to maintain health far better than we ever thought possible.*  Certainly, medications have their place, but with the rise of chronic degenerative diseases, what would it be like to live a long, active, healthy life with little to no medications?    

Dr. Ladd McNamara: It's Time for a Change

Dr. Ladd McNamara asks, "what if people could maintain health with lifestyle changes?"  Certainly we know that diet and exercise play an essential role in maintaining health; so do improving sleep and reducing stress.  More and more research is revealing the importance of nutritional supplementation in promoting and maintaining heart, brain, kidney, lung, intestinal, liver, joint, bone, skin, and immunological health.*

The hardest part for Dr. Ladd McNamara is getting people to actually believe the importance of taking vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the essential fatty acids on a daily basis.  People have to change their belief systems, just like he did. When Dr. McNamara was first introduced to taking more than a simple multivitamin per day he thought it was a waste of time and money.  Little did he know about the decades of medical research indicating that taking vitamins and minerals beyond what is found in food, beyond what is found in a simple daily multivitamin, can have dramatic effects on our health.*  

When Dr. Ladd McNamara started recommending broad-spectrum, quality nutritional supplements to his patients he witnessed incredible benefits that he did not think were possible.  Dr. McNamara's patients were experiencing the difference that only pure and potent supplements could bring about, and as a result it changed his beliefs about supplementation.  That is why Dr. McNamara aligned  with the company producing products that were changing people’s lives.

Dr. Ladd McNamara Witnessed Tremendous Differences in People's Lives

After more than a decade of witnessing tremendous health benefits among his patients, family and friends, researching the medical studies and cutting edge of nutraceutical medicine, as well as traveling the world speaking on the subject of proper nutritional supplementation, Dr. Ladd McNamara can say with a certainty that lives are being changed for the better.  True health is happening. Hope is being restored.  

However, no matter how well you live, eat, exercise, and supplement with vitamins and minerals, you will age and eventually die.  Within the wellness movement we are simply trying to improve the quality of life by improving and maintaining health as best we can.  If we take steps to decrease toxic exposure, reduce stress, exercise regularly, eat right, and protect our cells from excess oxidation, then we may increase the likelihood of improved health and quality of life.* Dr. Ladd McNamara encourages all to join him in this vision and mission established by Dr. Myron Wentz.   

Dr. Ladd McNamara: You Can Choose How You are Going to Live, and and Your Lifestyle Choices Determines Your Health

Dr. Ladd McNamara states YOU have more control over how you are going to live, and the state of your health more than you could possibly imagine.  Yet most people live like they are a victim to their genetics, habits, social circumstances, or appetites.  The things we tell ourselves to justify our self-defeating behavior:  "Oh, I was born this way."  "We're at a party, and I've been good with my diet, and I DESERVE to this piece of cake!" "I can't help it, I'm a choc-ahololic."  "Everybody in my family is fat, so I must have fat genes."  However, your lifestyle, that is, what YOU CHOOSE to do (not your genetics) ....your diet, exercise, stress level, adequate sleep, or lack thereof, exposure to toxic substances, and adequate nutritional supplementation are the main factors that all determine your lifetime health status.*  

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids have all been shown to protect cells, cell structures, tissues, and organs from oxidative damage, and help maintain the health of the cells, ...all of which helps one to maintain health.  Certainly, problems may still arise despite our best efforts, but making healthy lifestyle changes; proper diet, exercise, reducing stress, and using nutritional supplements, all help to maintain optimal health*    

Dr. Ladd McNamara: The War Within Our Bodies

There is a war within our bodies between oxidation and antioxidation.  Dr. Ladd McNamara points out that the more oxidation from stress, lack of adequate vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, proper diet, etc. the more likely we are to damage our cells and organs.*  The more antioxidants, broader spectrum of antioxidants, and the better quality of antioxidants, we put in our bodies, the more likely we are to maintain our health.*   There are simple steps we can take to maintain optimal health, yet we do not, because we don't think they will make much of a difference.  Yet, everything adds up over time.  Everything, whether good or bad is cummulative.

Dr. Ladd McNamara asks that you think of it this way.  If for some reason a person wishes to die prematurely, and wants for some reason to increase their risk for all manner of diseases, they would simply need to smoke several packs of cigarettes per day, and continue this year after year, preferably for decades, right?  They just couldn't smoke for a month or two.  They would need to smoke for years.  It would also help to eat poorly, not exercise, and add excessive stress to their life.  All this would be causing excessive oxidation (damage) to their cells.  The damage would occur so often, the repair processes would be worn down, and disease would eventually result.  If this concept is so simple to understand then why would it not be simple to understand the opposite course of action?  

If a person were to do what would be considered the opposite of smoking and stress, that is eat right, reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and nourish their bodies daily with quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, …nutrients that protect cells from oxidative damage; protecting cells from free radical damage, and allowing cells to operate at their optimum year after year for decades, then is it not reasonable to expect better health in all organs throughout the body?  And, better health in all organs means a better quality of life.  Dr. Ladd McNamara says, "This is true wellness, or true health."  Cigarettes increase disease and shorten one’s lifespan.  You would therefore think that quality nutritional supplements would help maintain health over a lifetime, in combination with other healthy lifestyle changes.*  Logically this makes sense, and each year the medical research is indicating that this indeed just might be the case.  

Dr. Ladd McNamara: How to Choose a Quality Supplement?

Now, the only thing you need to know is which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids to take, how much, how often, what is a “healthy diet,” how to lose weight effectively, and how much is “enough exercise.”  Throughout this website, Dr. Ladd McNamara has answered these questions are answered.  

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (Fourth Edition) by Lyle MacWilliam is a great third-party reference book that can help you choose a quality nutritional supplement.  Here are some things to look for in identifying a quality supplement brand:

Potency Guaranteed:  Dr. Ladd McNamara emphasizes to make sure that the product you select is guaranteed to have in the bottle what is listed on the label.  We have several third-party organizations which have evaluated our products and have verified the quality of our products.  Given that studies from Yale New Haven Hospital and Tufts University Medical School in Boston have shown that many supplement brands do not have the correct ratios of ingredients of nutrients to each other, and were missing some nutrients altogether, it is reassuring to know that we have verification of potency and purity.    

Superior Ingredients that Come with Certificates of Analysis:  If the company makes their own products, which is ideal, because they are able to maintain quality control over the manufacturing process, then do their raw ingredients come with Certificates of Analysis to be pure, potent, free of toxins and pesticides.  Dr. McNamara states that most companies do not.

Dr. Ladd McNamara asks, "does the company have an Athlete Guarantee?"  Most competitive athletes will not use supplements because they do not want to risk being disqualified from their sport due to banned substances that might be found in the supplement.  How confident is the company that their products are pure?  Are they willing to put their money behind their guarantee? If they are, then that says a lot for the credibility of the product.  Dr. McNamara states that this is a company you can trust.  Are there athletes (Olympic and professional athletes) using their products with confidence AND results?  Our products have been analyzed by these sports organizations and have been shown to be free of banned substances.

Are the company’s products based upon research and scientific principles, or are they making up the pseudo-science as they go along?  If there is science to back up their formulas then you can trust what they are doing is good manufacturing.

Dr. Ladd McNamara asks, "Does the company have a team of nutritional scientists on staff, or do they farm out the manufacturing of their products to a large manufacturing facility to “white label” their products?"  This makes the difference between who is really on the cutting edge of scientific discovery and who is just going along with what is fashionable.

Is there a money-back guarantee on unused products?  If yes, then, then the company has nothing to hide.  This, along with everything stated above is a company you can trust.  When you find a company you can trust, Dr. Ladd McNamara says "stick with it, because trust in this area is critical in the long run, especially when it seems that every other month we’re being told different things by the news media."

Dr. Ladd McNamara, In Summary, here is the take away message:

  • 1. You have more control over your health than you realize.
  • 2. Small daily changes add up over a lifetime.
  • 3. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the essential fatty acids are safe and effective in promote overall health, along with a proper diet and exercise.*
  • 4. Not all supplement brands are made equally.  There are differences, and these differences will affect your health.*  
  • 5. Lifestyle changes are necessary to maintain optimal health: proper diet, exercise, reduction of stress, and adequate sleep, being among them.
  • 6. We can help direct you to a quality supplement brand and assist you with proper dietary choices, including a proper weight loss program if it is necessary.

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Please contact us or Dr. Ladd McNamara for further information on how to select a quality nutritional supplement brand, and for our recommendations.  Please note, Dr. McNamara cannot give medical advice, and before beginning any program; such as a diet, exercise, or nutritional supplements, you should discuss it thoroughly with your personal and licensed health care professional who is well-versed in the knowledge of nutritional supplementation.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This, or any of our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.